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Day 1 - Drawing Houses & Exciting Organisational Development plans for Claremont Studios

Day 1- I have chosen to start by drawing four of the five house structures.
Great to be drawing again after too many days of admin. Caroline Le Breton & I have been writing an ACE funding application which heralds the beginnings of a tough and detailed organisational development plan for Claremont Studios.
Very exciting though - Through our hard work, over the next decade, Claremont Studios will become recognised as the vibrant centre of experimental art in the Southern Region. That is my vision.

Phase 2 - Catergoristaion - June 2007

Phase 1 - An initial 31 Day drawing covering the Experimental Phase - Completed- 5 February - 24 March, 2007

Phase 2 - Categorisation - Starts 22 June
- Systematic step-by-step drawn record of each [whole] image, pattern and motif.
- Regimented rows of trees, flowers, houses, bridges, birds, people, boats as well as the entire outer and inner patterned rim of the oval plate